PR: Pretty Resourceful

My preliminary definition of PR described my preconceptions of how public relations covers all aspects of a person, an organization, a company, etc. I defined it as essentially your brand, how you portray yourself, how you handle situations, and really how you communicate with others whether verbally or nonverbally. PR is special and incredibly useful because it not only crafts and preserves the public image for the business, it also shapes the way the public identifies and relates the business (Bureau). This is incredibly useful for people and companies all over, as they want their public image to be the best it can be. A recent article published by AdAge stressed the importance and influence PR has and how the business world is changing with it. It states that PR is working from the very beginning of a campaign rather than after the creative is finished as it used to be (Stein). It’s also special because celebrities use it! PR includes a lot of useful information and practical skills when it comes to the branding and marketing aspect of a person or business.



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Stein., L. (2016, January 11). How Public Relations Is Earning Its Place in 2016. Retrieved September 05, 2017, from


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