Career Center Networking

On Friday, April 21st, I went to the Career Center and met with Lisa Knapp. Grand Valley’s Career Center is so helpful for students (and for alumni!) in so many ways; just look at their website! I knew I needed to get help with my resume since it hadn’t been updated in a while so I set up an appointment and went!

Lisa was as awesome as Professor Peavey said she was! Not only did she help with the formatting and the content of my resume, she also suggested creating a cover letter! I got lots of great feedback, which I took detailed notes on of course, along with a booklet on Writing Resumes and Cover Letters! Networking with Lisa Knapp provided me with a ton of insight on the professional world.

She suggested lots of improvements for my resume and my job interviewing skills. She also told me to make more use of my LinkedIn account that way I can network with other students and professionals. Another really cool way Lisa helped me was explaining how to disclose my chronic illness (Narcolepsy) to a future employer. This was incredibly helpful because I was 100% unsure how to do this before talking with her.

I loved being able to create a personal relationship with this intelligent mentor and I am excited to meet with her again in the future. I know I am going to return back to her with my updated resume and cover letter to see how I did! It’s very comforting knowing that I am able to network with the Career Center during my time at Grand Valley and past the date of graduation.


career center
Schaefer, R. Lisa and Rylee Career Center Meeting [Selfie]. Retrieved from Android’s images.

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