Certified Narcoleptic Certified in Google Analytics

Guess what I just did? Became Google Analytics Certified! That’s right, this girl can check that off the to-do list and add another bullet on the resume. (Insert sassy girl flipping hair emoji here)


google analytics
Schaefer, R. (23, April 2017). Google Analytics Certification [Screenshot]. Retrieved from: https://www.google.com/partners/#p_certification_html;cert=3


So Google Analytics is this huge thing that can track and report website data, aka it tells you how people find and use your website and what your return on investment is. In today’s day and age the Internet is HUGE and is home to millions of websites; including those popular social media sites everyone is addicted to, so being able to track what is going on is imperative. Basically a tracking code is installed in your web pages and you can measure the dimensions (data attributes) and metrics (quantitate number of dimensions). You then can find out so much information from looking into the acquisition, behavior, conversions, audience, and real time traffic.

The acquisition is how your customers get to your website, the behavior is what your customers do on your website, the conversions are the goals, ecommerce, multi-channel funnel, and attribution where you can see the actions and purchases of your customers. The audience section is all about your customers, their demographics, their viewing device, and their location. The real time traffic allows you to see what your customers are doing on your site at that given time. Google Analytics is amazing for problem solving because of these different tools; you can find out what the problem is and then go about solving it.

So now that you know what Google Analytics can do you have to become certified with it. To do this you have to watch a million videos and take good notes so you can pass the 70 question test with at least an 80%. And you really have to know your stuff because there’s only 90 minutes to take it so that’s only a little over a minute for each question! But guess what? I passed with a 90%! (on my second try lol)


Schaefer, R. (23 April, 2017). Google Analytics Score [Screenshot]. Retrieved from https://www.google.com/partners/#p_analyticscertification



Living with Narcolepsy is incredibly difficult and I’ve had to work harder than anything to just get through the simplest of tasks. To experience how I feel on a daily basis, a non-narcoleptic would have to go 72 hours without sleeping. When you are sleep deprived your cognitive functions are impacted, you experience memory loss, and much more as described on this site. So I obviously deal with this on a day-to-day basis but many people don’t know what Narcolepsy is and even if they do, they don’t actually know what all it entails or how it feels.

This puts a huge damper on everything and anything I do, and it makes it that much harder. I try to remain positive and light-hearted and make the best of situations but it’s difficult when I feel the way I do and especially since others don’t understand. Just trying to remain with the crowd is a struggle, thus I fall into the masses when it comes to finding a job or internship, turning in an assignment, or whatever I may be doing. Being certified in Google Analytics and knowing how to use and implement this technology is a huge advantage for me though!

Not everyone has the knowledge or certification of Google Analytics but I now do! I can bring these skills and knowledge to my next job or internship and it will help both my personal brand and my career. I may struggle with things due to my chronic disease, but I prove that I am determined to overcome difficulties; like becoming certified with Google Analytics. I also can bring this to my career in communications and advertising and it will help an immense amount. Being able to track and report website data; whether my future personal small business or for the future company I work for, will be helpful in seeing what does work well and what doesn’t for the customers on the websites.

It also is super helpful because of the research aspect. I will be able to see certain websites and social media pages, find out lots of information about who my customers are and how they think and act while they are online. This will help a ton in the Advertising world because learning about the target audience is incredibly important in regards to advertising or promoting a product. Overall, being certified with Google Analytics sets me apart and sets me up for my future career!



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