TweetDeck for Narcoleptics

So I recently found out about this super cool website called TweetDeck where you log in with your Twitter account and you can do all sorts of things with your tweets including scheduling them for a future date or time! How cool is that?! Especially for me, other people with Narcolepsy, and people who forget things easily! Now we can just login, type something up, and tweet it at a later time instead of forgetting!

It’s really cool for companies or business Twitter accounts because you can use multiple accounts and can schedule tweets promoting future events that your company is putting on! It’s also a cool site because you can do everything that you do on your normal Twitter on this site as well, such as accessing your home-page, activity, messages, and notifications! Normally I use my Twitter for tweeting about something funny because I think I’m hilarious and for complaining about Narcolepsy, school, and life. I’m probably going to start using it more often to make sure that I am staying up to date and current with my Twitter activity!


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Schaefer, R. (April 21, 2017). TweetDeck Scheduled Posts [Screenshot]. Retrieved from