Focus Group Networking

On March 24th at 11 a.m., my group and I held a focus group in Grand Valley’s library. We had already completed the secondary research on product placement and we were then working on collecting primary research for our Research in Advertising class. One really good way to collect primary research is to hold a focus group. We began compiling questions, projective techniques, and video clips to use throughout our focus group which we held that Friday.

Six members attended and when the focus group began we made casual conversation with everyone, asking their names and majors, trying to lighten the mood and get them more relaxed. The focus group members answered questions, used third party projections (discussed how others thought or felt), viewed video clips of product placement, and then rated them using Emoji Associations (relating their emotions or thoughts with one of the five emoji’s).

My friend Simone was the Moderator of the group (kind of like the leader), Alex and myself recorded notes, and Ally worked the video clips and PowerPoint. The focus group ran smoothly and really provided a lot of insight towards product placement that we did not necessarily have before conducting this primary research. We got real feedback to our questions, got to witness their non-verbal language and cues, and found out what people think of product placement.

It was very interesting to hold a focus group and to engage in this sort of casual networking. I am more experienced with more business formal networking like attending a career fair. Since everyone was casual and didn’t feel under pressure I believe our feedback was genuine and not forced or fake. I really liked how everyone was between the ages of 19 and 24, it definitely provided a more comfortable scene for everyone.

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