I had no idea videos- even just short one minute clips- had so much work that went into them! The fact that every time the camera angle switches in a movie it’s a separate clip which has to include: rendering, transitions, filters, sound effects, and way way more! I definitely have a whole new outlook on filmmakers after this project, they must be the most patient people on Earth!

For the video assignment, we first had to create a storyboard on this really cool website called StoryboardThat. This is essentially the draft of your video- you set up the scenes in the way you want your video to go and include the lines, directions, scenery, etc. So my original plan for the video was to talk about everything I hate about narcolepsy. I was going to include props like empty medicine bottles and I wanted to take a selfie with the old person Snapchat filter for the part how I hate that it worsens with age. When I started to film the video I soon realized that it was going to be confusing because the majority of people don’t even know what Narcolepsy is. So I decided to do the video as more of an explanation instead. But, I kept the original storyboard because it’s kinda hilarious.


Schaefer, R. (February 21, 2017). I Hate Narcolepsy [StoryboardThat Screenshot]. Retrieved from

After the plan was laid out and the storyboard was completed, it was time to film the video! I just used my phone to do so, but I did have to do like 4 tries because my timing was short one time, the lighting was blinding the next, I sneezed in the third one, but the 4th one was a winner! We had learned how to use Final Cut Pro, a video editing software, in class and that was how we were supposed to edit the video to make it all flowy and beautiful. This is the program that makes me astounded by filmmakers because my little 1 minute and 20 second video took over 2 & 1/2 hours! (Granted I’m not good with a Mac and this was my first time with the software- but still!) Below is a screenshot of my Timeline, you can see I added in some text for a title and a couple transitions to help with the flow.

final cut

Schaefer, R. (March 4, 2017). Narcolepsy Video Project [Final Cut Pro Screenshot]. Retrieved from Final Cut Pro software at GVSU’s library.

After the editing was finished I uploaded it to my YouTube account- my very first published video! I tried to upload it into this post but it said I had to upgrade my account and honestly I’m a broke college kid, I’m not trying to pay for a monthly subscription. Here’s a screenshot though!


Schaefer, R. (March 14, 2017). Narcolepsy Video Project [YouTube Screenshot]. Retrieved from

It was a ton of work but I’m really happy with how it turned out! Click here to go watch it!

Check out my latest post on Facebook about Narcolepsy Awareness Day!

Visit my YouTube account to watch my first video on Narcolepsy!!


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