This was definitely my favorite assignment so far. A lot of information about narcolepsy is actually in the form of infographics so I thought it was really neat to be able to create my own to add to the collection of saved information. Check out a few of them here.

This assignment was created on a website called Piktochart. It was really fun and easy to use and navigate to make exactly what you wanted. I was actually really tempted to upgrade my account because I really wanted to include a couple saved images of my own on my infographic. I did not for this particular one, but I might possibly in the future!

It was really cool being able to customize the basic template into the layout, design, color scheme, etc. that I wanted, and I loved all the little icons that were readily available to use. I think infographics are incredibly informative because it seems that you’re not reading boring material, but material that is interestingly laid out in front of you complete with visuals to accompany it. It might just be because I’m a visual learner and an advertising geek but I think they’re really cool!


Schaefer, R. (March 6, 2017). What is Narcolepsy? [Piktochart Screenshot]. Retrieved from

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