So this week in class we learned all about Photoshop, and when I say all about, I really mean the basic 100 level stuff. This is the stuff that’s useful in Photoshop, the basics that other people build upon to get to crazy level stuff like this. (Seriously check out that link, it’s awesome!) I’m definitely not there yet, as you can see from my before-and-after photos below:


Narcolepsy Pinterest. (2014). Hypersomnia Narcolepsy [Image}. Retreived from


Schaefer, R. (3 March, 2017). ESD Narcolepsy [Photoshop Document jpeg] Retrieved from Adobe Photoshop.

So I took the before picture showing what some of the symptoms of Excessive Daytime Sleepiness are like, and I then added in an image about Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. This is the first symptom of Narcolepsy and I wanted people to see just how it feels and also what it can do to effect the brain’s ability to function. An interesting article I read from WebMD states that 24 hours of sleep deprivation on the body/mind is the equivalent to being drunk!

I wanted to keep the Did You Know image clear and easy to read, and put a grainy filter on the symptoms to kind of show that brain fog I experience as a result of Narcolepsy.

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